it feels like ive just got a moment now to take a breath
since gallavanting in melbourne, there was then birthday anticipation and then my actual birthday ...39! gulp.. which involved orange cake for breakfast with my mum and little amelie, lunch where i wasnt hungry with my two lovable friends, and dinner at home with my sweethearts....and my sis joined us on skype from tokyo
my house felt like a jungle with all of my beautiful flowers and plants that i was given. so so nice.
id like to always have plants inside everywhere. it feels so good.
and so another birthday was lived...and then the next day our friends came to play and stay. meanwhile my mums blood pressure went through the roof again and i had to go teach a doctor how to be a responsible caring doctor rather than a useless one. mumma mia. i was so mad with him...i wondered if he would treat his mother the same way. jerk. grr. anyway. mum is okay for now and is off having a lovely relaxing weekend i hope. we are minding her dog which is fun for our rosie. she likes to have a partner in crime.
and now we are back to just us here. and im breathing out. getting ready for friday afternoon ballet craziness. at least my farmer boy is here to help this time. i cant tell you how i dont like driving my car. its a bit difficult not to though...considering we live in the middle of nowhere. a horse and carriage is the only other option.
id better go dress the ballerina. eat some chocolate. and keep on moving.
and then the weekend will be here.. if only i can avoid all of my kids social plans i may be able to relax and not get in the car for two days :-)


Jodie said...

I'm planning to avoid lots this weekend and try and take a breath too.
I love all the greenery !

John said...

xxxxxxxxx what a lovely post...and lovely beads miss paino

John said...

obviously it was me..again too lazy to change name.. :-S