id much rather pick than buy. on the weekend we went to melbourne and walked at the pace of the shopping people. it was quite strange. im happy that i see it from the outside and dont do it too often or we would have no money left. and im even more happy that we are home again and i have cherry tomatoes that i pick and eat each time i pass the bush outside my kitchen window.

today sindri was excited after school to tell me about the indian girls in his class that came back to school after a holiday (to india?) with henna on their hands. have i told you how much i love sindri. and how i would love to visit india again.

tomorrow is my birthday. i love birthdays. i had better go to sleep so that the tooth fairy can come and collect amelies little tooth in the glass of water in the kitchen and so i can open my eyes at 7am when my three little and one big lovehearts smother me in birthday kisses.


Kate said...

Happy and merry and fun birthday to you Manda! I hope by now you have been truely smothered in birthday kisses and go on to have the most wonderous day. X

John said...

:-)...tooth fairy was supposed to visit layla last night, but she got stuck in traffic..hopefully she can come tonight, layla is writing a note to head of fairies to complain...