one perfect raspberry

our days are perfect right now
new moon yesterday brought conversations about plans and ideas for change
i like those conversations
the kids are so happy playing together and apart
the girls planning and staging doll weddings..the costumes are so great
the boy following his new passion into bowling cricket balls into a net or daddy every time he walks in the door
me, im there in the background, tying knots in thread for amelie, picking the basil and berries and making it into delicious food that my kids wont eat,
im in my garden tying up the tomato plants and inhaling their divine smell
and im planning in my head some sewing to do in my back room
i want some new clothes and can never find any i like..lets see if i can make some
i need to make the kids some easy summer shorts etc.,. because we are soon off to the beach.hooray! and it involves an aeroplane ride to perth, and i'll get to play with my big brother while we are there . happy times ahead.
now i need to go back to the mattress on sindris floor so that when he wakes up he knows that yes i did sleep there all night next to him as he needed me to :-)

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