amelie called out....muuuum theres a loveheart in the bathroom....sindri ran to see and then took a photo of it.
my favourite moment of our recent trip to nagambie , in crazy heat , to stay in a caravan for the night, was finding loveheart icecreams in the local milkbar. it took me straight back to my dad buying one for our mum and us getting lemonade ones when we were little people. he did special little things like that for her that i have remembered all of these years later.
our holidays are dreamily soaking into us. todays grey rainy weather made me happier still-im really not a summer person without a beach.
today i ate the first peach off our tree. oh my god. i need to plant more trees.

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melindatrees said...

remember he used to buy her pineapple fritters too.
i hope i can give hana memories like that.