shes been home for over a week now from school and is still cough a cough a coughing. theres only this week to go but i really dont want her sick on the holidays. its looking like shes having a huge break from school...which isnt so bad is it. shes 6 for goodness sake. and its prep.
and how cute her mouth is looking with teeth missing here and there and a mixture of big and little teeth. cuuute.
my farmer boy and i escaped to melbourne to see angus and julia stone play at the beautiful palais in st kilda. we were alone for the first time in a long time. it was so fun and so strange. a fleeting moment. going to the city now feels like visiting another world after living in the country for around 14 years. and coming back to the farm felt like returning to the wilderness...especially because the grass has grown wild with the perfect growing weather that has been. and it smells of the earth. unlike the city.
melinda and i zipped over to shepparton the other day and found a complete gocco set with so many extras for...wait for it... $20. it was waiting for us of course. it was labelled as a card making set and the people in the op shop had no idea what it was. we laughed. we already have two each. but we couldnt not buy it.....even just for all of the globes and screens and inks in it. fun times.
amelie and i made delicious cookies with a recipe from ecomilf... i finally got some molasses to make them. and the kids love them . and thankgoodness. i wish i could spoon some straight iron into their little bodies....its hard with them not eating red meat and being on the fussy side of life. they are excited about watching junior masterchef...hopefully they will be inspired in some way. the ads in between drive us all crazy though.
well its a beautiful spring off to plant some seeds and pull some weeds.......
seeya x

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Michelle said...

Your little one is so cute! I hope she's feeling better.

A bit jealous that you saw Angus & Julia.