oh finally blogger....you let me post a picture. thankyou! or maybe its because my internet just got fast(er) again. amelies new dress. id like some more of that fabric. i wish i could find some nani iro in an op shop . not likely hehe..
well im sitting here with my amelie home with a wicked sounding cough. and i have my dear little niece hana here keeping ammie company, while my sister goes shopping with my mum. this is really really nice. if i could just delete the cough it would be perfect.
we havent been flooded by the rain thankgoodness...the paddocks are certainly sloppy though. and the grass in my garden has grown wildly overnight. today its a perfectly sunny spring day again.
i made honey joys last night...mmm mmm mmmm. think i might need one and a coffee .

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clare's craftroom said...

Hi MAnda , love the new dress ! How's your back , hope it's better .