happy spring

well lets just pretend it looks and feels like spring outside. the birds are definitely chirping their heads off-not that i would call a crow a bird. each morning when the crows are squaking and banging on my windows at 6am i tell myself if i had a gun i would shoot them . of course i couldnt. but they have to?

the other day i borrowed a trailer to go pick up a couch for my room. when it was time to drop the trailer off it was pouring rain, my mum was inside sick, and it was almost pick up kids time. so in a crazy im a superwoman moment i tried with all of my might to lift the trailer up off the tow ball and something went keeek in my lower back. oh no. ive done my back. we then got a wheel thing and sensibly got wet in the rain and wound the trailer up off my car. and then off i went with my broken back. silly me.

a week or so later and i think its getting better and im half getting used to moving in the right way so i dont hurt. my lesson this week is im not superwoman. and i need to look after myself. i think it was just yesterday i said i felt like i was 50 and farmer boy said oh well theres not much difference between 40 and 50. and then i howled im not even 40 yet! im still in my 30s (just) !

he was annoying me. so off i went to my sewing room.

and i should have know better than to go and sew after not sewing for a long time, in a grumpy mood. i got fabric jammed in my overlocker while trying to make Amelie a dress. i then pulled some of it apart and cant fit it back together. and i think i bent something. i have to laugh.

i almost finished the dress which possible looks like an adult dress? maybe not with some polka dot additions to the outfit :-)

meanwhile Veda has been rehearsing for what seems like forever for the school production of Alice in Wonderland. its on this thursday and friday night. i cant wait to see it. i could watch Veda sing and dance forever .

and finally my sister Melinda and her sweetness Hana are coming this weekend from Japan. for a month. happy happy us. im hoping spring will give us some sunny days together.

now off i go to drink some coffee and hem Ammies dress and ignore some mess. hope you are having a happy day.

X manda

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melindatrees said...

yikes you mad woman.cant wait to see you.xx