a story about saturday

woke myself up at 6am, farmer boy woke himself up at 4am so he could milk the cows and be home in time. in time for ? a little trip over to rushworth to this deceased estate garage sale.

i got the kids was still dark and they were so cute and excited...

on the way veda cracked it with her daddys choice of music in the car and then he cracked it with her because he puts up with AND sings along to all of her music choices. then i remembered how i like to drive alone peacefully through the countryside ;-) anyway that moment passed and driving through the ironbark beautiful ...i love rushworth.

we get to the garage sale. we are 30 minutes early and there are a couple of people walking out with books! hey! i run inside ..the kids and muzz follow... and ohhh...this lady was an artist. a cat lover. a book lover . a dress maker.

but the most wonderful thing was, there was this beautiful old lady bringing all of this stuff outside for the sale. and she tells me that about this lady that has died. and that she misses her dearly . it was her friend.

they were even selling all of her photo albums. the kids had a great time looking through them. she took a lot of photos of cats. im imagining that she didnt have any family alive now..but she did have dear friends. we left with some treasures, some fabric and buttons and a box of cat books. i got some cute shelves for my room too :-) for the rest of the day we were hoping for that old lady that it didnt rain on their sale. going to a deceased estate sale makes you think......the kids decided they didnt want any strangers having any of their stuff when they died. i imagined people rummaging through all of my stuff. stuff .stuff .stuff.
after the sale we went to the bakery and ate warm delicious food and we dreamt of buying the amazing old building in the main street.
we got home and veda decides lets go pick up that parcel from the post office- because we guessed it was the doll making supplies i had ordered from winterwood. so back in the car we jumped again, me and veda.
and for the rest of the day..right up until tea time.. in our house there was me and veda trying to work out how to make a waldorf type doll.....with about 5 websites open at once....then i decided to just make it up.... and sindri and amelie decided they were going to be absolutely wild. muzz had to work because his worker decided not to turn up to work.ever again. time to find someone new and fingers crossed, wonderful. but a pain for this weekend.
its a wonder the doll doesnt look more like a werewolf heehee.....
the kids had a giant pillow fight in the lounge (veda joined them) and then i got them to clean up while i worked out how to make doll hair.
by tea time i was standing at the kitchen bench scrambling eggs...quite appropriate really....while sewing doll hair on.
veda made her some clothes and here she is ..Pixie. new little sister to amelies Tinkie.
she has a definite personality and veda looooves her.
the end.


beck said...

Lovely post Manda! I loved hearing about your trip to the sale and the old woman, the cats, treasures etc. Veda's doll is so dreamy and beautiful and yes, has so much personality. I like her wild hair. Sounds like a fun and busy, kind of crazy, beautiful family day xo

angelina said...

awesome! love the doll, the story, a womans friend remembering someone gone thru a story to a stranger who passes it on to more strangers who all suddenly get connected and become friends.

melindatrees said...

oh the image of the old lady makes me sad.i hope it didnt rain too.
as for pixie,gulp, i thought she was one of the treasures you found at the clearance sale.
shes so beautiful, in one day, wow.did you get supplies to make more?ive been eyeing a book on ebay.

manda said...

Beck it was a day i think you would have enjoyed too...if only Daylesford was a little closer it would have been nice to have coffee with you at the old bakery xo
Angelina i love that too. i have this old cake beater that was my partners grandmothers. its almost falling to bits, but i love using it because it feels like a little bit of her is there mixing the cake with me...and then everyone who eats the cake........
Hi Minda xo how we wished you were there too.. i should have given that lady a big hug but my stupid human-ness got in the way. there is alot of tricks and skills that go into making these dolls..that i havent learnt yet lol... i ummed about getting a book from winterwood, but didnt, but wish i did. i wonder if its the same one on ebay? you should get it anyway. its so fun... i have lots more supplies and my doll(pixie is vedas) is in bits on the kitchen table. i need two of me to do all the things i want to do..xoxo