moving in

the kids first day back at school yesterday. i distracted my self from the silence by getting some fruit boxes from a kind lady at the supermarket and packing some of my previously mentioned stuff in them and moving into my room.

the floor is not perfect but its going to get sploshed in paint and knowing me i will probably print patterns on it too.. as long as we dont get splinters==i did an average job at sanding. i may need more mats.

school. amelie wants to stay home after one day. that says it all doesnt it. come on me !! i have the room now :-)

last night it poured rain so heavily that i was worried i was going to see my room floating past the windows. i may need some oars to get out of our driveway this morning. its ironic that it is so wet that muzz cant put the cows in the paddock to eat the grass because its so wet they will trash the ground (because they are so big and fat!) . its a shame they arent pigs....they would be in heaven in our driveway.
today is here so off i go to get my warm kids out of their beds and try to get them to school slowly and happily.
happy day to you x

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melindatrees said...

wow, looks so great!
i wonder how it smells.
id love a house with an empty room like this.urr when i take my eyes of the screen and see all the stuff around me no wonder my head is heavy.