oh yeah baby

its here! monday foggy morning after talking to mother nature all weekend asking her to put the rain somewhere else (sorry about that melbourne ;-) .. i thought the fog was going to stop us...but nope! she arrived in two pieces on two big trucks and with an awesome crane that lifted it up , and with a lot of twisting and turning and holding my breathe.....we put her where we wanted to. yay! we are not sure what to call my new room...not classroom please!! we have enough of that every day already! art room? play room? not studio. . mummys room? just in case they have any ideas of taking it over- which they do!
it needs alot of making it nice. but i feel so happy when i walk inside.
today a man is coming to do new guttering so if it rains it doesnt sink into mud, although muzz suggested we could just tie cherry barrels to it and it can float off into the dam. a houseboat would be nice :-)
i need to re -line some of the walls which i might do today if i can shake this cold....though im feeling worse and dont think i can ignore it much longer...time to double the echinacea dose.
and it has nice floorboards. and no power yet. need to investigate how much for solar power.
i wish i had more physical strength. i tried to eat like my farmer boy does at lunch time yesterday. that was funny. i left half behind. and then he told me the kids take after me. hahahaha...
lucky them :-)
not really!
time to go get my warm little people out of bed..oh i dont want to but its just 3 more days of having to go somewhere on a freezing cold morning.
happy day to you and to me x
p.s Swimmy by Leo Lionni. iloveit.


melindatrees said...

wow! that is so exciting!! i cant wait to see it. dont fill it all up ok!

KeLLy MummA said...

that cold has been sitting on your shoulders for two need to be exorcised off.... p.s i love love love your "family play room"..what do you think of that name?????? xxxxxxxx
am thinking a least one wall needs to be pink

manda said...

minda im going to try hard not to fill it up..and kel, im thinking some pink too :-) x

Kate said...

Its here, I mean there. Yay! I am so excited and a bit jealous too. What fun you will have in that gorgeous space. I am so coming over to play and print and crochet one day.
Mine is sitting with council still I think. I'll call and see what's going on in the morning. I had no idea the crane was so big. I have to share mine. Its going to be a studio/office.
Love the idea of your farm boy bringing the paper home and you discovering my farm boy like that. So cute.
Hope you feel better soon. Lots of love from here. XX