7.30am i went outside to do the mud test. i stepped onto the site....and my feet slipped a little and sunk a little. drats. a truck would make a big mess. no classroom today either. monday hopefully. fingers crossed for no rain this weekend ..even though i feel guilty for even considering wishing rain away. my impatience.
this tree in our backyard has perfectly red berry type fruits on it. they look delicious but taste of nothing. inside is yellow and mushy. i need to find out what this tree is.
it has dropped red dots all over the green grass. beautiful.
millie our cat has decided, i think, that shes going to join us in being human since her brother spotty cat died. she jumps onto tables and talks to us in a new language that sounds like her attempt at english. im not imagining it. poor milly.
i love friday night. it feels like i should be eating fish n chips. a childhood ritual. instead im going to cook some cauliflower and broccoli, a craving i had at 3pm.

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KeLLy MummA said...

maybe you craved vegies because of the sugar we ate in the morning :-)..
i had the opertunity to have kfc for dinner, instead opted for roast chicken and salad..was yumm
p.s i finished all the berry vanilla slice when u left...very bad..especially for someone who is already "OBESE" :-) xxxxxxx