across the ocean

birthday invitations were made today for our Amelie's 6th birthday. i love her writing so much.

pillows and pouchs for everything were made by Sindri who has conquered my sewing machine (and an old skateboard)
and tonight its not quite right with Veda sleeping at a friends house. she is my sunshine.
and these are some beautiful kangaroo paws waiting to be planted.
it is my little sisters birthday today...i was hoping today was going to be the day that the easter eggs i sent her for easter which havent arrived yet would at least arrive today. we fear the worst....that some rotten person along the postal journey from australia to japan has eaten them....but i havent given up hope yet and think maybe they will arrive next week. fingers crossed.

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melindatrees said...

that photo of coco is priceless!
how cute.and amelies invitations..oh how hana would love one.and pale pink?kangaroo paw!
no eggs today :-(
can you believe i found another bilum at todays fleamarket!