words from my scattered brain

i am loving these sunny + cool breezy days.

i am loving the beautiful old things i am finding on my adventures into op shops full of unwanted things from many many years ago.

i am loving my children more and more as they grow into who they are. protecting them from the kids at school who try to show them they should be someone else has been hard lately. 11 year old girls....oh my..their parents have a lot to answer for. as does society.

i am not loving the feeling i have that i should be doing something other than that which i already do.

i also dont really love the feeling that i need to live somewhere else. i have always had that feeling and its kind of tiring and unsettling.

im going to love tomorrow when i go into amelies class of beautiful little preps and decorate eggs with them.

i am loving seeing my sweet friend with her growing baby tummy and i cannot wait to have a new little baby to snuggle up to.

and i really love the thought that there are only three days of school left before 2 weeks of blissful autumn days with the kids.

and now its time to google pin cushions.


Kate said...

Hi Manda! I feel so at home in your scattered words. So many of them are my words too. You're right, it is comforting though. XX

angelina said...

protecting from other kids at school..hits true to me right now. kids are so easily influenced by each other. words ive been so careful they never heard now come rushing into our household.

Kristi said...

This is my first visit to your blog. You had me with this post. Off to have a peek around your lovely blog.