do you love baskets? i do. its one of the first things i look for in the back corner high shelves of op shops. im not sure what to do with them though..ive got quite a few. im not sure what to do with ALL of the stuff i find myself collecting. i was so excited when i found this old cricket game in an inconspicuos blue plastic case. the man bats and the bowler bowls and there was even the ball in there too. i bought it for farmer boy and sindri to play...sindri has decided he likes to play cricket at school. well when farmer boy saw it he told me he spent a lot of days/months/years? playing this "test cricket game"game with his brothers. i love it. i need to iron it without burning it because the bumps are causing just a little frustration ;-) it takes up half of our kitchen table. i seem to make some space and something or someone ends up in it as soon as i blink.
yesterday i took the kids to see alice in wonderland. we all really loved it. sometimes confusing and slow ( and a bit scary for amelie) but there were lots of other wonderful moments (and ive loved johny depp since i could..and he married ? beautiful vanessa paradis...) anywayyyy...veda loved when alices dad told her that yes he agrees that she is probably completely mad and bonkers and that all the best people often are. i love that. if only parents/school/the world valued imagination as they should.
and now im off to work out how to get all those fat black spitfire caterpillars off my orange tree. i wonder do they really spit and does it hurt. im sure the kids would like to have them as pets for awhile :-)


melindatrees said...

thats such a beautiful basket! never seen black before.
i think spit fires do spit, hopefully you didnt find that out.

beck said...

that's a pretty amazing image - black spitfire caterpillars on oranges, wow. hope you found an easy way to get rid of them. Yep, I love baskets too, they are hard to resist! That's an extra special one you found x

Kristi said...

I love what Alice's Dad told true. My boys would go just crazy for that cricket game.