i took my camera to melbourne and took zero photos.
the melbourne trip was just what we needed
the city so dirty and noisy and interesting
we walked along the stinky yarra river
saw tennis on the big screen and got the kids and me an arm sweatband with the promise to play tennis together one day soon
we found a bookshop with books for all of us
we wandered around the art gallery which was a nice big space to be in..the kids liked it
we trammed our way in and out and around the city
we never seem to find delicious food
the hotel beds were crappy..or maybe it was the things they called pillows causing the restless sleeping
we went to st kilda at night to see something that looked like a beach. it stunk also. but sounded like a beach. and the kids had fun. though we wouldnt let them take their shoes off. hehee...we were a little worried.
we drove to prahran which brought back memories of more youthful days .... some shops remained , others have disappeared.
we found me some new clothes . i like gormans clothes alot. she makes nice, simple pieces. and sells them for a lot of money. clever girl.
veda told me if we lived in the city she thinks i would wear lots of makeup. ! ! i would not.
we then zoomed over to highpoint which is a giant ugly shopping centre, but we went into the darkness to see the fantastic mr fox .. it was delightful. .
and then the long drive home at night. the distance between melbourne and our farm is not so far, but they are two completely different worlds.
i like both. but im happy we live here amongst the trees and the birds under the clear blue sky.
so here we are on saturday.
the kids have watched the new studio ghibli movies we got at borders. they love these movies. especially veda. she needs to go to japan one day.
a cow got into part of our vegie garden and ate all of the corn. like right down to the ground almost. what a pig. i didnt mind so much. . at least it didnt get into my garden and destroy the they have in the past. they know when we go away and usually get into some sort of mischief.
im going now to spend the afternoon in the garden.. i need to take the kids out there to get some fresh air.

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Kate said...

Hey Manda! I have a pair of old Gorman denim fisherman pants that have sat in my 'I might wear one day' pile for the last 5 years. They could almosrt be considered vintage Gorman. They are size small. Do you want them? I can send you a pic if you like.