Ive had this itch all holidays to go somewhere. Really...I have this itch all the time...but with three kids in the house with me 24 hours a day... the itch got itchier. And yes farmer boy...I know I know we are going to Adelaide in March. But its January. And Im I decided I was off to Melbourne for a day or two.. and farmer boy loveheart decided to come. So off we go to Melbourne tonight. Not sure what we are going to do when we are there but hopefully it will involve the beach, a bookshop, lots of food that I dont have to cook, some people watching- I love to do that... , maybe the museum, the cool playground in St Kilda that Ive heard about, ..... and more or less. Just not being at home will be a nice distraction to the first day of school coming on Monday. in 5 sleeps.

and maybe I dont need a new camera....maybe I should learn to use our one properly. My sister took nice photos in my garden with buttons I had never pressed. Soon I will have time to experiment with pressing different buttons. gulp.

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Kate said...

Oh me too! I am writing this comment from the spur of the moment beach trip. Any excuse for some last minute fun before school routines. Hope you have the best time!! X