melinda and hana have gone back to japan...well melbourne then japan.
need i say more!
i henna-ed my hair today.
why not.
its just hair.
and i love henna.
and i like my red hair.
im dreaming of the beach.
and of autumn coming quickly.
i cant help it.


Jodie said...

Yes, I agree, please bring Autumn as quickly as possible.

Kate said...

Oh not me. I LOVE summer! I want to a see a photo of the red hair. I'd love to see you again one day too. I used my little Manda bag today and argued with the girls over who got to carry it.

Aussie-waffler said...

I love henna-ed hair too, though it has been many, many years since I was a red head. I must admit, I'm looking forward to autumn too, my favourite season.

amy prior said...

I love how the colour of henna depends on your base many shades and all shiny and sassy- enjoy!