a New Year

happy new year :-)
Tinky (above with my favourite flowers) came to live with us at Christmas. This year I would be really happy if I learnt to make dolls that are half as special as her. Shes Amelies friend but secretly mine too :)
In a few days my sister and her Hana will go back to Japan...and they are taking Mum with them. Thats going to leave a big hole. I usually like holes but not this kind.
Luckily I have three kids that won't let me sit and mope too much. Or maybe we will mope and eat our blues away with tubs of icecream.

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beck said...

It's always hard to say goodbye, I don't cope with change that well. Can you keep in touch with Skpe, letters, emails, photo's? It's not the same but it can help you to feel connected. Maybe the kids could get into a bit of letter writing? Hope the new year brings lots of new adventures for you, and much happiness too xo