Red love

Sarah Blasko won Aria for Best Female Artist last night...hooray for Sarah. I love her music and I wish she was my friend.
Kids are home from school today. coughing and sniffing. Im not sure Im going to like today.
Actually yes I will.
Im going now to mix up some henna. mmm mm mmm .
Then Im going to sit and henna all over my hands. and probably the kids too if they have their way.
And if you saw the Arias last night did you see Kate Miller-Heidkes hair? I want my hair that colour. glowing red. But Im too chicken to do it. And I dont have her face to match the hair.
Maybe I should put the henna in my hair. Nah . maybe not.


beck said...

I love red!!!!
Go crazy with the henna, hope to see you tomorrow! xo

beck said...

Just me again Manda! Just wanted to say how much I loved seeing your work yesterday, your images are so beautiful. We were all talking about how much we loved your stall and how lucky we were to have you at the market. Hope you had a good time too xo