my creative space

my creative space has come to a standstill. its actually packed in a box or two. i was going to post a photo of the mess im leaving behind but i didnt want to scare you all ...hehehee.....
i was trying to go at double speed this week with some last minute making for the market..but with kids with sore throats and colds im going half speed instead. it happens like that sometimes. now im gobbling echinacea so i dont catch the cold.
so the boxes are packed, the girls are ready and i have a cute new tshirt to wear...(which came from the UK in record time ...i love speedy mail)... im excited and nervous and as ready as i possibly can be for the market on saturday. its going to be a whole lot of fun. fingers crossed that my Veda gets well...she's busting to be my shop assistant :-)
so i guess i will see some of you in Daylesford :-)
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Brenda said...

Have a great time at the markets.....your goodies look great!

KeLLy MummA said...

yippee...the minicozzi and i will see you there! i cant wait, now i need to google maps how to get to dayleford

Sally said...

I love your goodies.
Good luck at the markets :) ... hope you're all fit & healthy ready to enjoy the day.

Jodie said...

Looking forward to saying hi Manda... we met at Stitches and i was in awe of your printed bag !