i like fridays alot.

im slightly embarassed to say that i have in fact not just broken a needle, but bent a metal part of my new overlocker. im thinking i need to just slowww down a little. shes being fixed tonight and will hopefully be all better tomorrow. farmer boy just shook his head at me. he sees me speeding like a maniac when i sew. funny but not funny. in the mean time...i tried felting balls and decided that it took way too long. i will need to investigate buying someone elses patiently made balls.
felt bead necklaces would be nice with my prints i think.
thank god its friday by the way.
school fete on always love it. im on the pancake stall. yum.
i emptied a full rubbish bag and two more plastic bags of stuff out of our car today ,trying to make it a little clean for tomorrow when we swap it for a new one. yay. but oh my goodness, im drowning in stuff. some trips to the op shop to make a little space are so needed. and we will need a little more space soon because my sister and gorgeous niece are coming from japan for a long christmas holiday. hippity happity hooray. how nice that will be. now since i had an afternoon siesta..(the heat is knocking me out for some weird reason.).. i should go do something... hmm maybe i could print some babushkas. would you hang a babushka on your christmas tree? i think i would. goodnight :)


melindatrees said...

hana could felt some balls for you.she loves to do it. i cant wait to see you and all the beautiful things youve made and sit at your stall xxxxxxxxxxx

Kate said...

Manda, i am so excited to see all your work at the market at the end of the month. It just makes me feel happy. I love all your little people. I hope your overlocker feels much better soon.