beware im rambling because i can here :-)

so possibly the heat has got to my head today. quite possible since the evaporative cooling is broken and all it is blowing is 35 degree hot air through the house. im waiting for the person to come fix it. but since its 5.19pm im thinking hes not coming. which doesnt surprise me...but more makes me think oh god tomorrow we are gonna m e l t. seems its time to evacuate. maybe i will have to go shopping tomorrow. that or the beach. beach is 5 hours away. shopping it is.
anyway what i was going to say is that im really really happy. and it kind of makes me a little edgy.
but im just going to have to push those uneasy feelings aside and just be happy.
its almost summer holidays....i see the end of school just there over that little hill...and its almost daylesford makers market which i hope is going to be a whole lot of fun.... and my sister will be here soon..and there are good changes happening on the farm-even though it is looking very dehydrated. ive made enough things for the market so anything from here till then is a bonus. i just need my little cards to arrive oh and i have mountains of ironing to heat set prints.... and i would like some lady size dresses for my stall...dont know if i will get there. and i have totally neglected the fact that my own kids need a whole new wardrobe of clothes for summer.. ie a stack of shorts and singlets and dresses for princess Amelie.
and me. yes well i should empty my whole wardrobe and start again. that would be fun.
heat is getting to me.
im going to drink a cold beer. did i tell you i like cold beer. just one is nice. when im hot. and trying to cook for fussy little people. its a wonder i only have one. hehe.e.e....
anyway... happy wishes for you X
oh p.s .... i love this song called morchata by vampire weekend. i downloaded a whole stack of new songs.....god i love that too. for free ;-) dont you love free. :-)

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