sunny days are here.
strawberries are growing.
3 0ut of 5 raspberries are growing.
blueberry is flowering but is bonsai size. thinking we may get 5 blueberries.
went to the park with kids and my mum.
i was in bad mood should have stayed home.
in the afternoon fixed my bad mood by talking to a nice boy and fixing a problem for farmer boy at the same time.
now im happy but doubting whether i really did fix the problem or did i just imagine it.
because if i did....i am awesome.
tonight thinking i will get takeaway thai because im happy.
and farmer boy will be outside until the moon is shining, making hay bales... or really they are little rectangles of cut grass wrapped up to make little sileage parcels. sound delicious dont they.
so the farm will soon go from being green to being the colour of straw. i like green.
two days before school holidays start. the kids stayed home today and are now pleading for the holidays to begin now.
im undecided. am i ready for them? they have so much energy. and its crazy energy.
we will go see ponyo on saturday. i hope we love it.
and then i will wear my yellow silk dress that i am scared to death is going to be eaten by wardrobe dwelling creatures...fat little caterpillars ewwww..... to an engagement party on saturday night.
i really like being able to have all the windows open in our house to let the spring air in.
and i called telstra to come fix our phone line. its near impossible to have conversations on it. and i need to have conversations.


melindatrees said...

yes because soon you will have a big life changing conversation on it!!!!

manda said...

every time it rings the kids yell ch** ch** ch**. so funny :-)

KeLLy MummA said...

it will ring..and you will SCREAM!!!!

Kate said...

Hey manda what a great post. Have fun wearing your yellow silk dress on Sat night and have a great school holidays.