peace sisters

today i had a taste of what it may be like next year when Amelie joins her brother and sister at school. 6 hours alone. i closed my eyes to all that surrounded me and tried to print something from the archives in my brain where most of my ideas sit. for a long time. until they dissolve.
and disappear.
so anyway .. i printed for awhile. feeling mostly frustrated. because im a crap printer. and because a gocco has its limitations. thoughts of ink and spindles nice long print tables sprung to mind as i muddled my way around the tiny bench. i think i like the random, dodgy , old looking print...or maybe i just think that because i cant do the metres of perfectly placed and printed prints, with a little gocco, in my little house.
anyway... blah blah... so i cracked it in the end and packed it all away... thinking im going to get someone else to print for me.
and then the phone rang. hello amanda? do you still do henna? um....no i dont sorry.
many years ago i listed myself on the net somewhere as a henna do-er...you know...pretty patterns with beautiful henna , temporary tattooing, mehndi?.. and whilst i l o v e henna and still do it often on myself or my family or friends....i havent done it for strangers for a long time. but maybe that call was the universe speaking (god i sound like my sister) maybe thats what i can do next year when i have more time. i can be the henna lady. farmer boy suggested i find myself a nice bollywood inspired name. heheee.............now that could be fun.


melindatrees said...

now i can see it :-) would be a nice pillow for a peaceful sleep. i like the dodgy factor.and if you hennaed on the weekends you would still have a whole week to play something else...

Jenni said...

you know, I really think it's the imperfections that makes your work so delightful, please don't stop.

manda said...

thanks jenni :-)
she looks a bit like she has an aeroplane sleep mask on doesnt she minda..

melindatrees said...

now that you mention it, yes :-)
and the bird in flight.and then all the crazy background noise... could go on.i love the spots.
check your email, did u see the golden link?