floating in mineral water

hello poor neglected blog

ive been busy saying whatever and blah blah

it seems to be a side effect of living on a dairy farm in a drought

i did some goccoing a few weeks ago

i even got the illustrator program hoping to make patterns and print fabrics bigger than gocco size

illustrator is not simple

my sewing machine and overlocker threw simultaneous fits and refused to sew properly for me so they are with the fixit man having themselves a tune up

its funny what you miss when you dont have it anymore

i went to hepburn springs with my two adorable sisters on the weekend

we stayed for two nights, just us

i cant say how delightful that was

i really love being a mum

but god i really love being by myself too

im liking walking around in my new black ugg boots and im not liking the increasing heat of the sun

i also dont like hearing my farmer boy cursing mother nature and the sunny days she is waking us with..bringing the fear that the rainy days have come to an end

im wondering just what it is exactly im supposed to be doing with my days because im sure im not meant to be washing dishes and hanging up washing

dont serious

i got a shock when i looked at amelie yesterday and realised she is not a baby anymore. shes 5 and a half and so tall and so much her own person
i also get a shock when i look at ten year old daughter and realise she has the passion of a wild sea monster . . i hope she uses it in a wonderful way as she gets older and wiser
the middle son(shine) is keeping the balance amongst the mayhem.
the best invention weve brought into the house is our apple peeling cutting machine. it peels and cuts the apple into a slinky. so cool. we all eat apples all day and night. no more doctor visits for us hehee...
think i will go make some pizzas and dream some more. imagine if we couldnt dream.


Anonymous said...

lovely design & I know what you mean about the apple machine :)

KeLLy MummA said...

manda you and i are almost always on the same wave length...yo should check out my facebook page...i posted a profile update and all i could say was blaa blaaa blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....