glowing yellow and green in my garden right now makes me so happy to walk in and out the front door.
after i mowed the grass on the weekend ( and broke the back window with a flying rock) , the kids now love to be in the garden once again. the knee high nettles were scaring them away. understandably.
veda had some homework to display her 6 times tables. that translated to cupcakes in our house.
today she took them to school to show them just how kids learn best.
we are waiting waiting waiting . waiting is such a pain in the bum thing to have to do for an impatient person like me. in the meantime we caved in and brought a wii. the kids like to create different mii people...from the shape of their eyebrows to their hairstyles. my arm is so sore since ive become a tennis pro.
a new song we like alot is by josh pyke ...middle of the hill. nice nice song.
today i got a happy phone call telling me veda got an A on her first piano exam. shes going to be so happy with herself. celebratory dinner called for i think.
off to play in the fluorescent garden with amelie.

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