the winter chills are here
the farm is muddy and spikes of grass can be seen every where , its even growing on top of my lawnmower ..its not quite long or luscious enough to feed hungry cows...but it wont be long
our house is empty
after having melinda and hana coming and going up and down the driveway from mums to our place , for weeks that felt like much longer, and then staying with us for days that felt like weeks that would never end
letting them go again, back to far away japan, was no fun at all.
a few hours after they left i fell into a deep sleep..a bit like sleeping beauty and i woke the next day with a flu , to find that ammie and veda also had it. the boys in the house were safe.
today its quiet with only amelie home with me
shes not feeling the best and i can feel the emotions ready to burst out of me
text messaging my sister as she lies awake in italy while i sit here in a fragile state was fun and disturbing
my amelie digs her frozen little toes into me. why cant she just wear socks. and why are there still flies alive and buzzing around my head? no surprise really. about either. my warmth doesnt compare to a pair of socks...or her bed either...which is why shes always in mine.next to me.
i read my star signs. that just gave me permission to be an emotional nutcase. he hee... not really...it told me to go and create or meditate and try not to think too much in a linear manner. hmm.
i could happily take photos of rainbows for the rest of my life..i could become a rainbow chaser. maybe thats what i am already