nice mail

today i received a postcard from my sister who is having a long, wonderful holiday in Positano Italy. i sat at my letterbox laughing happily at her stories she sent to me on that little piece of card.
today my other sister landed back in Japan. that isnt something that makes me sit and laugh happily.
i have constant itchy feet. itchy as in they need to go somewhere.
im always plotting get aways in my head. get aways for our family. to places like Broome of Vietnam or Stromboli. probably in reverse order. though the destinations are constantly changing.
its unsettling and sometimes i wish i could just be content. i have gypsy in me for sure.
its probably related to my short attention span. i want to screenprint. i want to sew. i want to write a kids book. i want to grow an amazing garden. i want to paint all day.
oh dear. and i do . all of them and more. whilst being the best mum i can be.
and while im doing like to travel the world.

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