i honestly dont know what to write here any more.

im writing today because my sister emailed to tell me (more than once) that the bunny is pissing

her off. which made me laugh.

i havent written here for oh so many reasons.

it probably began with the drought...which is a whole story itself...

and then we found out our friend is dying from a brain tumour

she has twin one year olds and a two year old and the sweetest husband you could imagine

and instantly life did not make sense anymore

nothing made sense

nothing mattered

and i really didnt want to sit here being totally depressed with anyone who cares to drop

by this blog.

a blog.

is this just a complete waste of time.

how should we use our time here on earth anyway

my mind has been spinning while my heart is broken for this beautiful family

i held my friends hand

while her three little boys played outside with our kids

nothing is certain

what is real?

ive been waiting for answers

i got that she is peaceful

she is not alone..she told me

im not sure what we are supposed to do with this life

all that matters right now

are my children

and true and pure love

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

and this is why i havent been near my blog for awhile


Loretta said...

What can anyone say, no-one knows,no-ones sure, can't imagine the feelings, just feel your heavy heart.. x x

melindatrees said...

gulp.um.now youve ditched the rabbit i dont know what to say. im making a lemon tart for you in my head and wishing i could be there a little sooner.
i like seeing your blog.
its beautiful like you.

13mimosa said...

I'm so sorry about your friend. I don't know why you write your posts, I guess for me it's for me. Life is as you say, well, why is it as it is, unjustness and all? I don't WANT anything from it, it's just to be heard and that's okay with me.

I started to tell you about my girlfriend's sister in law, who with 3 children under 5 is in a similar situation. I stopped though, with the details, because it seemed thoughtless which is not what I intended. I guess you can only make every moment count - help her to record the things she wants remembered, you can help her children remember what she needs them to. It's sad, so so sad, but I know that would be a priority for me - knowing the children continued to KNOW me.