so very

for my birthday i wished for an island with a mango tree. i dream big. my beautiful children made me a mango tree. so so cool.
i had so much fun laughing last night with my sweet friends and eating my favourite food and being out with my boy.
today the sun is shining, the breeze is cool. i finally got myself a bouganvillea today at the local farmers market... ive loved them for years. im going to plant it today and train it to grow up, over our house. it is flowering ....beautiful pinkypurpley paper looking flowers.
i also got 6 more princesses to add to the silver princess child care we have living under the plum tree in pots, until the harsh sun goes away.
now the kids will make cake, i will play my favourite music and talk to my favourite people.
i love birthdays.


melindatrees said...

happy birthday.
sweetness overload.did m make that sign?
xxmangoes yum.

KeLLy MummA said...

my goodness i woke sunday morning with a sore sore tummy.....from laughing soooo was a fun fun night!! :-)))))