happy day

well this morning was fun. theres no better mail than the kind that says theres a parcel waiting for you at the post office.
amelie and i sat in the car outside the post office and opened the big box. gold packages of our favourite rice crackers from japan. oh yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
and more sweet treasures too. my favourite bird biscuits. i love everything about them.
and now on my arm is my new knitted calamari bangle. how cute is it. i did squeeze my arm into it minda :-)
see this time last year i was in japan. and the feeling i have at the moment that i should be there right now is making me walk in circles. how i would love to be there.
and how they would love to be here.
if only one of us were a pilot with a jet.
or if only they were flat stanleys and they could have slipped themselves in the box with the rice crackers.
we love flat stanley. and we love you melinda and hana.
soon. soon. soon.


melindatrees said...

hey wheres my comment gone?
im glad u got up babycakes.
but not the calamari.

manda said...

not sure why calamari lol but the thought did come. farmer boy wants one too please. do you have a big leg to knit for? although his would get crusty. yuk. and ps...what comment?

Anonymous said...

that bracelet is adorable.