I really like to visit Keri's blog, if only she lived nearby and i could visit her. She would be a fun friend to have i imagine. I like the path she is on.
I made an orange dress today with some fabric Ive had stashed away from our trip to India over ten years ago. I found it the other day, held it up and thought to myself...yep...perfect size and colour for a dress. So I have it on tonight with my new red cardigan on top and the intensity of the colour is delighting me. I love it. I said watch out kids mummys on fire. They looked at me strangely.
I woke up today and said I need a new bed. I keep waking with a sore body...which may have something to do with the little body I find next to me most mornings that wiggles her way into our bed in the middle of the night. Our bed isnt big enough. . someone always ends up squashed...or on the couch.
Today the hot weather returned. I wasnt impressed. The trees in the backyard are not impressed either...they are looking dry and burnt. I planted sweet pea seeds....lots of them gathered from last year. I like that.
My hands are so wrinkled...when I loook at them I cant believe they are mine. I dont think I would recognise them in a hand line up. They are weathered but strong and they like to make.
The other night I was driving home near sunset, all the trees were shadows against the setting sun. It was so beautiful,,. a landscape of shadows. Sunrise and sunset are my favourite times of the day.
If only I could get my kids to eat better food. Why is it so hard? Do I need to empty the cupboards and only have good choices for them? That makes would be hard... but might work. I think I know the answer I just don't have the energy to do what I need to do. I wish that werent the way. I wish I had lots of energy. I also wish I knew how to lay concrete....I want to make a concrete slab for the kids to play on. That may sound strange...but its something they would really like. A smooth surface to skate and scooter and bounce balls and ride..... They scooter around the kitchen inside our house....which is fun...i often join them.... but an outside space would be cool too. Its on my wish list.
At the top of the wish list is rain. Obviously.
In there is also a trip to Italy to the place my Dad was born.
My beach house that is waiting for me....hopefully I will find it one day soon.
We watched a cool movie last night.... The secret Life of Bees. I really liked it. I cried. I laughed. I love Dakota Fanning.. shes amazing. And I cant imagine what life was like for black people. The movie gave me one tiny tiny glimpse.
I need to get the kids outside more. ... i desperately need to get their bike tyres fixed...this weeks mission i think. that and vanilla slices made with sao biscuits and custard. i'll let you know what happens.....hopefully i will make friends with the camera again. she has cobwebs on her the poor thing.

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melindatrees said...

your colours sound that a word?
your hands, i wonder would i recognise them in line up.
the concrete.ridiculous but understandable.
i ll help you.