i give them all my energy and often i dont have any left at
the end of the day. sometimes i dont have any left by 10am

i have avoided going near any shops that are filled with ugly
stuff right now..very successfully.
i love you internet. you make shopping with kids so much

i went to the clearance sale. i brought a chair..with wooden legs and
the seat has springs in it... it looks a bit
like a granny chair. its covered in an old big floral fabric. one
day (when im a granny) i may re-cover it in some not so
granny looking fabric. i also got a box of horse books for veda and
a cute little kitchen cupboard and a shelf for the kids.
and somehow i also ended up with tennis racquets, a blow up
pool and a blow up mattress! but i didnt try to buy them...they were in a box with the other stuff. its what happens at clearing sales. you end up with stuff.
there were way too many people there making everything way too expensive. and there wasnt anything really juicy there anyway. but it did remind me...and mum... how much we like going to clearing sales. poor amelie fell asleep on my shoulder as i carried her around in the heat.. and on the way home the trailer got a flat tyre. we came home covered in dust and exhausted. and on monday i will take all the stuff i got and didnt want and paid the op shop. its on the front verandah collecting spiders at the moment.

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