for you minda

the end of a long whingey type of day with may know the kind..i finally picked veda up from school and then dropped her around at her piano teachers house. i pulled into the driveway and
oh. my. god.
big old hoya , sitting on her verandah. melinda needed to be there. she would have squealed with me. it has many many bunches of perfectly folded wax parcels of beautiful flowers. some open some not.

piano teacher so casual about how her nana needs to prune it. i think it may have been hers. and i hesitantly asked if i could pick a stem. piano teacher was not attached to flowers at all. ( i realise i get attached to my flowers in the garden-bad me. )
so here on my window sill sits hoya.
.. making me smile at her perfect cuteness and beauty


melindatrees said...

oh my god.
oh my god.
suck the nectar for me or you....
wish i was there to squeal with you.
i was looking at the photo of my old one just last night....

melindatrees said...

is it in my milkbottle?

manda said...

in your cute-i-love-milk bottle. its one of my favourite things from japan.