a story about amelie

it has taken a whole year, with me by her side or just a few steps away if she would let me... but on her last day of kindergarten Amelie was so very happy. ironic, because i was quite the opposite. being her last day here...and also knowing that her new kinder is of the sensory overload not as nice type.
she played with her favourite (boy) friend. in the last story of the day she was proudly Mary holding and loving her baby jesus and stopping joseph from hitting the babies head. and she later told me that jai, her (boy) friend would have been a much better joseph.
as we left we hugged her teachers, sob sob, and at the gate, through the fence, she hugged jai.
in the car she then told me that she is going to marry jai. all i could say is really? she then told me she wants to marry two boys..jai and sindri.. her brother. shes a lover not a fighter our amelie.


Loretta said...

Oh My, Sooooo Gorgeous. x x

Anonymous said...

that's so cute.

Austen said...

Too cute! This made me smile on a cold, dark, *very* snowy day.