before i go to sleep

today me and sindri made chocolate crackles. i was inspired after i ate one for the first time in many years at a party the other day. they are so yum. and i never knew they had coconut in them.
we also decorated more people.. biscuit people.
the kids went to play with their grandparents...they put up their christmas tree for them which was a cute thing to do... whilst i went shopping. and whilst i did that my farmer boy was visiting doctors to find out why his heart is skipping a beat.....other than because he is in love ;-)
fingers are crossed it will be nothing serious. other than love sickness.
i made the pinata for the party on the weekend. a 10 minute masterpiece. a present pinata..the kids helped cutting and sticking and they did all the filling. the other day i let them loose at the supermarket to choose lollies to put inside. i restrained my inner mum and brought ALL the packets they chose. veda went to a party the other day and the pinata was a bought one. veda was not impressed! i love how she notices the difference. and im loving her style she has.
and i love how sindri draws his dreams. and i am a little on edge about amelie telling me there is a ghost behind me. she was serious. and i think i may believe her!......