to the city and back

this photo refused to let me turn it anti clockwise. stubborn.

we went to melbourne for a quick visit.

and honestly. it was crazy. cold. we found that the shops are filled with ugly and expensive ..stuff. the museum was fun though. . the one little area we explored anyway. there were drawers of birds, butterflies, sea creatures........... some frightening. some so beautiful.
we ate crappy expensive food. and bad coffee. maybe we just visited all the wrong places. i think so. annoying.
it didnt really matter because we were away, together , and the kids had fun, and we did manage to find a few nice things that we dont need but we liked...a new dress, new shoes, new books that veda read before we even left melbourne...she needs a library gold card! ..
i came home with a throat that is getting sorer by the hour. sore throats are no fun.
so im motivated to make. and print. and sew. and grow. its much more fun. im sure.
back to my liking my sweet peas and freesias. how delicious do they smell?


melindatrees said...

beautiful flowers! can almost smell them.a little hard though over the 40 mls of eucalyptus oil i just spilt!!!

manda said...

ouch! 40mls of eucalyptus oil....thats just what my blocked nose needs. nicer than the burnt smell after last nights burning the oil in the saucepan drama. yes people. im talking fire in the kitchen. poor melinda and hana heard the drama unfold on skype news direct from mandas kitchen ...