sweet pea

i think i remember writing a list at the start of this year, feeling all inspired and motivated by the new year. it seems so long ago but at the same time not so long ago at all. im not even sure whether i put this on my list actually... but i remember thinking i have to grow some sweet peas this year. i always do that with flowers. i see them flowering and then promise myself to get them growing in my garden.
on that list im sure there were many things related to actually doing something with printing drawing sewing.....other than making piles and mess in my house. well i still have the piles growing and they havent moved very far or advanced in any way at all...other than their size. im now hoping that next year when my baby girl starts kinder and i will theoretically have more spare time...i might do something more than pile making.

but i did grow some beautiful sweet peas. the scent almost made me dizzy as i was taking these photos. they are so delicate. and i like to be surprised by their colour.

speaking of my baby girl. she gets quite bored at home alone these school days. she wants to socialise with her friends all day every day. which isnt quite possible. so i gave her the camera in the garden the other day and she took this photo. its one of my most favourite photos ever.

my other beautiful girl, who now trots and jumps over jumps at her horse riding exciting for her... she gave me this beautiful rose bush at christmas last year. every day when we walk in and out of our house we pass the red rose. and im wondering just how big can a rose grow? it is the biggest puffiest red velvet rose ive ever seen. i love it.

and i cant leave out my little super boy. he wiggles his long fingers with excitement as her tries to get his wonderful ideas out quick enough before they lead him somewhere else. he is electric. and i adore him more every day.
i guess the list of things i havent done yet can wait a bit longer.

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