whilst visiting Pia today..after trying to have an afternoon snooze and then being woken whislt still half awake by my farmer boy telling me he had just killed two brown snakes in the last ten minutes. oh my god. i am never going outside again. pia was making space and listed six random things about her cute self. well as you know i am in need of space on all here is 6....

. i went to india before i had babies. i want to go again. but now im scared. because as beautiful as it is...i have babies and need to be alive. we felt like we almost died a few times there. the roads are insane. we got so so sick with delhi belly of some description. but the textiles aaaahhhhhhhhhhh.........

.. if i were rich i would hire a chef, someone like Jamie Oliver and i would live happily ever after

... i love funny people. where would we be without laughing?

.... i also love old people. i think its because my dad was old before he died and i miss him.

..... this may be strange but it is true. i often think about people..friends or family and then the next thing...they phone me. they hear me . its true. my inside voice is louder and clearer than my actual voice. strange.. probably.

...... i love hospitals. i think maybe i was a nurse in a past life. or maybe i just loved being in hospital when i had our three babies. they were such happy times. and that press the buzzer and someone comes to help you invention was expecially nice.
and another amelie photo for you. the sky.
i need to get the camera cleaned...see that little blurry spot. its there in many of our photos. and i cant get rid of it.
if the bottlebrush trees that are flowering now were flowering at christmas, i would have our pink bottlebrush as our christmas tree. its perfect.


melindatrees said...

love ammies photos and dont love snakes.

Anonymous said...

ok. so exactly how venemous are brown snakes?

manda said...

hmm...the brown snakes are deadly venomous.. yep.