here on our farm i dont need any excuse for lighting a fire. but when my little brother comes up and add a few more strong boys that happen to be my nephews who are now all bigger than me. well the pile of wood ends up looking like that. oh..and it was my farmer boys 40th birthday. so the fire HAD to be big.
the kids had so much fun. they played with the left over fire from the spontaneous festivities of the night before. they had water bomb fights - with our precious water! in a drought! on our farm! the sun was shining hot and brightly on saturday.
our sweet family laughed and talked and ate together under our blossoming plum tree. we sang happy birthday to our sweet birthday boy

and then my pyromaniac adorable brother lit a fire bigger and brighter than ever before.
sunny sleepy sunday afternoon
:: everyone has gone home
the kids had such fun with their cousins and with the water and sticks and fire and marshmallows and fireworks
my garden has a warm glow to it still,
the leaves and the flowers absorbed some of the love and happiness that was in the air, im sure.


Loretta said...

So nice being with you all. x x x

anth said...

Omg I just got goose bumps seeing that picture of the fire, God dammm it was big, i reckon next time we go bigger. Was a fantastic 2 nights sis, thanks heaps for everything. xxx