i was going to say its hard, but really...if i had to walk 10 kilometres to fetch some clean water to drink...that would be hard. but trying to find some physical space, some good ideas, some free time, and some extra energy is just a bit tricky right now. nevertheless...i did do some printing today with my last two gocco screens. never fear... i ordered some more today and they are on their way. the first screen was a bit of a flop in my opinion. the little top above did come of the first printing session this afternoon though. and its okay i guess. nicer than a kmart top. which is a good thing in case you have no idea what kmart is. not that i have anything personal against kmart either. and the second printing session which began after tea tonight ... i shrunk a babushka print.. the one at the top of my blog that says hello to you each time you visit here.... and i printed that and also some tiny bird shapes. and tiny dots. it was more of a success. the problem i have is that i ordered too many big tops....like adult size for girls...and not enough little kids tops. little kids tops are so much more fun to print on. and little kids are so much more fun. and im having a slight panic as to what i will do with so many tops. im assuming im going to be able to sell them. a big assumption i made. late at night. i shouldnt make decisions at midnight. note to myself.
so anyway.. tomorrow i will play with Amelie.. all day. shes in desperate need of a play date. the poor lonely third child she is. she talks all day. non stop. and all day she asks what is everything made of. its her favourite question. and one i often cant answer very well. i wonder how much of my answers she is taking in. what is fire made of? what are leaves made of? i need to have google in my pocket so i can give her some better answers. google is lighter than an encyclopedia. not as nice as a big old book though.


melindatrees said...

heeeelllo but having too many adult size tops, i cant believe you said that.i cant wait to see (and wear).

Suse said...

I love that babushka print. I think I've said that before, but every time I see it I want to say it again.