lazing on my bed


friday afternoons are nice arent they?

ive just realised that i should make myself eat more often. i really dont get so hungry and when i do i often ignore it until i dont feel so good and then i will eat. i just cooked some rice and lentils and they were so deliciously flavoured with garlic and coriander and parsley from my garden . i swear my body almost spoke to me and said thankyooouuuu. now a coffee with my latest addiction- maltesers. deleting all the goodness i just ate, i know. but jeepers im feeling happy.


the wind outside is so icy. my windchimes are singing a wild tune. the rain needs to come now. it feels like the weather is warming up...the blossoms are about to burst on our trees ( which i cant wait for) ive had enough of the bare branch look.


im out of gocco screens which is annoying because its the weekend. and i want to print. but a little voice inside says to go sew. and then the conflicting voice says naah too hard.


me and my farmer boy went out last night for pizza and a movie with friends. it was so fun. being out alone doesnt happen very often for us and when it does happen it takes me back to the days when we first started hanging out together. i hope we are still doing it when we are 70. walking down the street holding hands.

enough rambling...i need to go out into that wind now and find some wood for our fire. i learnt how to use the chainsaw the other day. thats one scary sentence isnt it! i havent actually used the chainsaw yet... i dont think its such a good idea....coupled with my pyromaniac tendencies right now...

oh and any ideas on what to give a boy who is turning 40 soon, who really only loves his family and his cows. im running out of time.


Anonymous said...

i never know what to give my husband. and whatever i give him, he doesn't like.

maybe you could make him something. maybe the little voice that is urging you to sew wants you to make something for him.

manda said...

hmmm.. i printed him a tshirt the other day...he liked that.. i really wanted to make some wooden gates for our farm but i think im being a little ambitious!
i have big ideas and little action.

anth said...

40, i hear a party with fireworks coming on, let me know so i have time to go to footscray

manda said...

you read my mind ;-)