can i tell you a secret? well my mum is on holiday...her house just down the driveway from ours.. and well the other morning my farmer boy came in and said " i have bad news". oh oh. the cows got into your mums garden.

she has just spent the last 6 months making a garden out of bare talking grass, trees , bushes, paving, looking very nice. my heart sunk. dirty. rotten. animals.

i delayed it until the afternoon to go check out the damage. lots of cow hoof prints near the side of her house. muddy foot prints on the paving. and not much other evidence apart from a broken in half magnolia. i was a little relieved. i can replace the magnolia. and the grass still looks like a nice patch of grass. it could have been so much worse. maybe i shouldnt have been sooooo mad with my farmer boy the poor thing. although how hard is it to keep a cow in a paddock? very hard apparently.

so anyway... ive just found out my mum is coming back sooner than i thought because our two wonderful girls are moving home...oops i mean visiting. ive got to replace that tree today. and im not going to tell her the cows got in the garden. i'll see if she notices. dont tell her will you.

and ps. if i keep saying 'well' its because i caught it off my daughter.


anth said...

OMG!!! It was bound to happen eventually. Just tell her, that way johnny boy will have a new project of installing a electric fence around the entire perimeter of their block.

melindatrees said...

funkenwagnels! i second anth on the john project..

manda said...

the hoof prints will give it away, not to mention three little people who will tell her as soon as they see her. i agree. electricity needed.

Jules Knoblock said...

those darn cheeky cows! It's nice to read a blog from someone else crafty who lives with cows :) They are crafty when it comes to getting through fences sometimes.