before the clock strikes 11

hanging on my wall. a bird bag i made today. i also made a bonfire with the kids. a daytime fire. we felt like we were camping. and i made lasagne for tea. i am now thoroughly exhausted and couldnt possibly have another late night without me being so very grumpy tomorrow. and its already after ten o clock...quickly approaching late-ness.
so off i go to have some sweet dreams..........


Anonymous said...

cute bag. did you make it for yourself? i really love the idea of having a dozen or so cute little bags for myself, but with two really really raucous little boys it's totally impractical.
so for now atleast i'll stick with my dingy, old hiking backpack from university.

manda said...

i made it for my friends birthday..i hope she likes it. backpacks are very practical just not so pretty. would you like me to make you a bag? it would be fun for me..