my kids know me so well. i woke to the sounds of my three chickens(kids) whispering in the hallway. from that moment onwards i was saturated in the love of our three kids endless love.

i ate delicious pancakes cooked by Veda , was smooched by my smooch loving Amelie and my gorgeous boy Sindri melted my heart with the love in his big brown eyes many times throughout the day.

i stood in the green-ness of my mums new garden with her.

i enjoyed the company of my brother, he has the family sense humour that others just dont completely get. i love that about family.

i fell asleep on the couch watching brothers and sisters. i wasnt happy about that this morning.


anth said...

Not to mention the Delish honeycomb icecream and apple pie. Yummo and thanks again for the porridge sis. xxxx

ola said...

can i just ask how you print on your fabrics? would like to do myself but want to get more ideas about it...aha, they are very very nice, and they look so fine

ola said...

was about to ask how you print but realized in your profile that it is the gocco machine, that i would love to possess myself now

manda said...

hi ola, yes its the gocco..i hope you find yourself with one very soon. its lots of fun.

manda said...

anth, my porridge tastes much better than that porridge.

Melissa said...

that sounds like a wonderful mother's day- i love those sweet pegs! :)