the internet is very very bad for me some days. it takes me on cyber journeys that i really enjoy and that threaten to swallow much of my day. too much of my day. but i find such interesting wonderful creations. and i read bits and pieces here and there that attach themselves to me in some way, because i have read them. i like it. and i dislike it. i get inspired to make. i get disheartened at what i do make. and i really shouldnt be sitting here anyway...i should be off living my real life.

anyway. so today i was visiting many blogs...and i ended up at tinyhappy the sweet place it is.. and decided i needed to make a ball.

and so i did.

i often question what i spend my day doing. really. making a ball?

our Coco cat is getting de-sexed at the Vet today... maybe i was making a ball for her. And I bowed to the pressure from three little people and got her a new bed to sit in front of the heater..one of her favourite places. As you can see...it may look cosy to you and me, but she would rather find her own bed thankyou very much. I suspected as much.

jeff , i really liked his blue circle.. . i found it through grijs . . one nice thing leads to another and im sitting here at 5.30pm and what are we going to eat for tea?

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