Veda love

last night Veda and I and my friend and her cute little girl went out for a sweet night together. We had a quick dinner at our favourite thai restaurant and then went to see Nims Island. How very nice it was to be snuggled up in the cinema with just Veda in my arms. The movie was a nice story for her to see. Perfect actually,.. for my adventure -seeking, book worm, daddy smooching , animal loving girl.. And me, I just want to go live on a deserted island with my boy and our kids. sigh.
happy birthday kisses all the way to my sweet sister in Japan. i'll imagine im eating birthday cake with you and then lighting some fireworks :-)


tams said...

I really like your moonlight girl print, in your etsy shop. That rich brown color is so lovely. It would look fantastic framed in my bedroom. I'll be back soon, hopefully you have more than one. :)
I just found your blog from soulemama.

manda said...

thankyou tams,
soulemama is a nice place isnt it :-)
yes there are more moonlight prints in my shop
manda :-)