good morning

i'll call it morning tea, beacuse i cant admit that this is breakfast today.
i planted a pistachio tree today, its leaves are about to turn a brilliant autumn red. im an autumn baby. i love autumn trees.
i also have lots of bulbs to hide in the soil. crocus, freesia and miniature daffodils. and more sweet pea seeds, in case the others dont sprout. you can never have too many sweet peas.
i feel like im eating a peace dove when i eat these biscuits. nice.


melindatrees said...

id like to be in on that tea party!

Anonymous said...

ohayo gozaimasu

momo said...

I would love to sow some daffodils too but people at Bunnings said they do not do good in QLD...I wonder if that's true or not?

Hope you are enjoying the autumn.

manda said...

Hello Momo
You definitely should plant some daffodils, maybe in a pot would be good. With your love for them they will grow :-)