its hard trying to take a photo of a dress. i need a mannequin. or maybe i want one...
i really like the shape of this dress..especially the top half. the bottom half is a bit pregnant- looking , but it may just be because i didnt do the sewing exactly as i imagined i was supposed to.
remember ..japanese instructions.

woke up today feeling off. sore head. sore stomach. and the phone wouldnt stop ringing. who is it? i growled. a fax trying to come through. i never knew there was fax junk mail. now i do. so i dont answer faxes unless im waiting for one. that doesnt solve the phone ringing problem when im in bed with a sore head.

anyway. im awake now. having had two panadol and a coffee im feeling a bit better. ive lit the fire because the in house weather man..(my boy) told me its going to be a wild stormy windy day. lovely for me because i will be inside on the couch in front of the fire, drawing, reading, watching my children have picnics on the floor and turn the house upside down into new worlds.

we went to bendigo substitute for the trip to melbourne im wanting. i found some nice books for us.. didnt get to the library, though i probably should have went there first. would have been a lot cheaper. i bought keri smiths wreck this journal too. shes funny and clever.. its a good idea. veda especially liked it and urged me to buy it. maybe i will give it to her to wreck. i thought about making a colouring book for kids where you have just tiny pictures on the pages and they have to colour out of the lines.

i tried to buy veda some clothes. i always know that is mission impossible because the girl, who is 9 , has impossible tastes to satisfy. we managed to find two short sleeved tops. yes im thinking that will keep her warm as the weather is cooling down. maybe shes secretly planning a trip to see melinda in tokyo.

i have new paper. nice new paper. and yes i know i have a problem. i collect paper and fabric and badge making stuff.... and ... and...the list goes on........ i really need to do something with all these things and stuff and creations.
instead of visualising this perfect ideal little place in my mind, a place to sell my creations... maybe i should just do the etsy thing too for now. to start. ive had an etsy place made for awhile now...its called mandapop.
one day soon i may put my drawings and clothes out there for the world to see.

its ok. i saw this on someones blog..and i dont remember where because theres too many and my brain is too crowded. but to read about - its ok - go to here . i liked the idea, yesterday our its ok came in the mail. i gave it to my boy. sometimes its ok is a hard thing to believe. but i think its a good thing to keep telling yourself.


melindatrees said...

i love your dress.and your colouring book is such a good idea.i love it.anth is are still pretty sick.ouch.anth came to the drs with me today..funn?

manda said...

hooray.. anth is there with you! and so wish i was visiting docs with you too. was the doc anything like dr nadaraja? get better wishes all the way to you x

Anonymous said...

cute dress. i seem to remember my husband talking a couple of times about bendigo. he grew up in melb.