outside and in

i planted a red flowering gum tree a few years ago. i didnt know if i would ever see it flower. red gum flowers are amongst my favourite. and then.. afew days ago my boy told me it has a flower. firstly i didnt believe him. and then i saw it. just one, perfect flower. against a bright blue sky.

and then tonight, he takes a photo and brings the camera for me to see. the sunflower i had just picked ( it was a small one...not one of my sunflower people)...well its leaves are magic.

my garden is keeping me from losing balance and falling over. . today i planted my gingko that has lived in a pot for many years. she looks very happy in her new home.

i got 6 metres of black cotton broderie anglaise type fabric today from the local farmers market. strange .. i know. for $6. perfect :-) i have a dress in my head that i want to make with it. if only there was a button i could press .........
and now it is holidays for the 5 of us this week. i wonder what we will get up to.

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